१० पहाड चढ्दाको अनुभव

Program:  Reconnaissance  and Monumentation of Second Order Network Control Points.

सिकेका कुराहरु:

  1. Topo map read गर्ने, हेर्ने skills सुधारिएको।
    • Topo map मा आफ्नो location पत्ता लगाउने।
    • Topo map मा जानुपर्ने destination location पत्ता लगाउने अनि feasible but best route खोज्ने।
    • Topo map out of date देखिएको। major highways नै topo map मा नपाईने।
  2. Handheld gps device ले coarse pinpointing गर्छ तर exact pinpointing को लागि witness marks नै चाहिने।
  3. स्थानीय हरूसँग interaction गर्ने, उनीहरुलाई आफ्नो कामको बारेमा बुझाउने skills improved.
  4. Team लाई कसरी mobilize गर्ने,  push गर्ने,  motivate गर्ने, उनीहरुबाट कसरी काम लिने भन्ने skills improved, developed, tested, implemented.
  5. Driver दाईलाइ कसरी push गर्ने — key found.
  6. most used app: google earth, and maps.me. तर मैले चाहिँ धेरैजसो maps.me* use गरे।

maps.me को बारेमा:

  1. kml/kmz file upload/view गर्ने सकिने, attribute info of points जस्तै id, easting, northing, elevation आदि कुराहरू हेर्न सकिने।
  2. current location and destination location बीचको:
    • routing गर्न सकिने with approx time peroid and distance too:
      • motor/car route.
      • cycle route.
      • पैदल route
      • horizontal distance/aerial distance/straight distance.
      • phone को orientation अनुसार destination direction देखाउने, north orient भइराख्ननु नपर्ने।
  3.  voice navigation उपलब्ध।

चढेका पहाडहरु:

  1. फलासी डाँडाँ – रामेछाप
  2. नोप्रा डाँडाँ – रामेछाप
  3. बक्चिन्डो डाँडाँ, पातले गाँउ – आोखलढुङ्गा
  4. चिहान डाँडाँ, कोषभन्ज्याङ्ग – आोखलढुङ्गा
  5. पीके डाँडाँ – आोखलढुङ्गा
  6. थाला डाँडाँ, तीलबारी – रामेछाप
  7. रानीचुरी, तल्लोबेसारे – सिन्धुली
  8. बेतिनि भन्ज्याङ्ग – उदयपुर
  9. रमाइलो डाँडाँ, लेखानी – उदयपुर
  10. फिक्कल डाँडाँ – सिन्धुली




How to turn off windows update in windows 10

  • go to control panel.
  • go to Administrative Tools.
  • go to Services.
  • go to Windows Update
  • choose Disabled
  • Control Panel–>Administrative Tools–>Services–>Windows Update–>Disabled

When I tried to install arcgis10.1, it said arcgis10.1 requires microsfot.NET framework 3.5. Here is the link to download offline installer of .NET 3.5.


*Fix: .NET Framework missing from windows 10.

This article contains 7 different solution to install .NET 3.5 in windows 10.


Windows update does not work:

At power options button, I see  “sleep”, “update and shutdown”, and “update and restart”. I click “update and restart” but nothing happens means no updates take place. My laptop boots as usual, no delay, no screen saying “your computer is updating” or other stuff.

I google and found following solution which work for me and I am pretty sure it works for you too. Run your command prompt with administrator privilege and run the following command step by step and restart the computer.


If you want to access the original article here is the link:


Can you tell me the difference between x86(32 bit) and x64(64 bit) architecture?

The User Profile Service Failed to Logon

This error encountered in my laptop.


and here is how I tackle with the problem, and bring back my laptop to life again.

Restart computer. Press F8 to get to safe mode. Start computer in safe mode.

Then – start button- search button – type regedit – enter- HKEY-LOCALMACHINE-SOFTWARE-MICROSOFT-WINDOWS NT- ProfileList – and did follwing.

Link to instructions.



I followed method 1.

Pre-Logic Script Code in Field Calculator

I am explaining here how to write pre-logic script code.



I create a new field using “Add field” called “ind” of short integer type. I have another field in this attribute table called “shape_area” which contains area of each polygon in square meter unit. I want to populate “ind” field such that:

if shape_area is less than 32 sqm then put ind equals to 1, otherwise put ind equals 0.

To do this:

In field calculator:

  1. click python button.
  2. check Pre_Logic Script Code
  3. Then under Pre_Locgic Script Code textbox, put follwoing code:
    • def ind_populate(area):
      • if area < 32:
        • return 1
      • else:
        • return 0
  4. then under index = text box, put following code:
    • ind_populate(!shape_area!)


Under Pre_Logic Script Code text box, we defined python function. The key word for python function is “def” followed by function name, “ind_populate” in my case, followed by parentheses and enclose is argument of function and end with colon.

def ind_populate(area):—–> python function definition.

and indentation. Put 4 space/spacebar for indentation.

Then if/else conditional statement is put after function definition.

After function definition, we need to call that function.

index = ind_populate(!shape_area!)—–> function call and argument pass. shape_area is passed as an function argument.


Conditional Merging

Loksewa Pawan Thapa