How to install numpy on Python 2.7.x

Run your command prompt, and type pip install numpy. Mine look like:


Oops!!! says pip is not recognizable command.

First go to C:Python27/Scripts and you can see there lots of .exe files. Mine looks like:


So there is pip.exe within your python folder. To execute this pip.exe from command prompt, You need to add path “C:/Python27/Scripts” to your system variable “path”.

Add “C:/Python27/Scripts” to “path” variable. It looks like:


Now your command from command prompt search for pip.exe inside “C:/Python27/Scripts” .

Run your command prompt. Type “pip install numpy” and wait for a while.


Ok. you are good to go.

Open IDLE(Python GUI). Type import numpy. Now you can use all the functionalities of numpy.


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